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The Course

The Intensive Spanish course is fitting for all levels of Spanish knowledge, and is perfect for students who seek to rapidly advance in a dynamic rhythm.


The course strengthens the student’s weaknesses and will focus on the interests and necessities of each specific student, so that the class becomes more humane, personalized and efficient.



What to Expect

​The student will be in a course that allows him/her to speak and be listened to continuously, improving the student’s communication and listening skills. The student’s rapid progress will be assured as he/she will be studying Spanish grammar while privately practicing with the professor, improving reading and writing capabilities.




The learning process combines grammar, reading, listening and real-life contexts in order to assure total immersion. The course has an integral focus that stimulate learning the language through ‘practice by doing’, instead of through memorization and repetition.


  • Total Hours per week: 20
  • Start date: After agreement
  • Number of students per class: 1
  • Classes: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Levels: All. From A1 to C2
  • Length of course in weeks: 1 - 40

​​​​Quick Facts


​What's included?


  • Welcome pack
  • A selection of immersion activities
  • Academic activities
  • Orientation
  • City Center Tour
  • ​Other benefits depending on the package

Intensive spanish

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