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The Course

The Intensive Spanish course is the group course with most hours per week. With the goal of advancing quickly and with high quality, this course can be combined with any other one-on-one course plan or cultural activities. We will be striving for rapid progress while the students get to interact with different cultures, especially the Colombian. The course seek to improve the students’ Spanish level through interaction and learning.



What to Expect

The classes are meant to teach through practice, while also giving the students a good grammatical foundation. This is realized through exercises that involves all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, writing and reading – in order for the students to naturally adopt the language through practice.


This course improves and corrects any difficulty that presents itself during the process of learning Spanish. The groups are reduced in order for the advancement of the students to be rapid and of the highest quality.




The learning progress of students taking this course will be very rapid. The professor allow the students to learn while interacting and practicing together, which will create strong grammatical foundations that will become natural to the students through practical exercises that reflect the reality of the language. The course content is as functional as possible, and seek to accomplish the needs of each student.


  • Total Hours per week: 20
  • Start date: Every Monday
  • Number of students per class: Maximum 7
  • Classes: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Levels: All. From A1 to C2
  • Length of course in weeks: 1 - 26

​​​​Quick Facts


​What's included?


  • Welcome pack
  • A selection of immersion activities
  • Academic activities
  • Orientation
  • City Center Tour
  • ​Other benefits depending on the package

Intensive spanish for Groups

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