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The Course

​The general Spanish course allows the student to learn and improve his/her Spanish through interaction with the professor and colleagues. The groups are small to assure more class participation per student, more direct attention from the teacher, and a calm and comfortable study environment.



What to Expect

The student will advance progressively, benefiting from having a presence of Spanish throughout the entire week.

The classes create an atmosphere which generates confidence to speak, to make mistakes, to repeat and all the other natural processes that are part of learning.


The classes are dynamic, fun and professional, where grammar is combined with the Colombian and Latin-American context.

The four fundamental abilities of learning a language will be taught; oral production, writing, reading and listening comprehension.



The learning process is logical and involve all senses, with authentic material and material recommended by the Cervantes Institute. Furthermore, the course allow for the content to be related to the students context, interacting with his/her reality and interests.


  • Total Hours per week: 15
  • Start date: Every Monday
  • Number of students per class: Maximum 7
  • Classes: 3 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Levels: All. From A1 to C2
  • Length of course in weeks: 1 - 26

​​​​Quick Facts


​What's included?


  • Welcome pack
  • A selection of immersion activities
  • Academic activities
  • Orientation
  • City Center Tour
  • ​Other benefits depending on the package

Standard spanish for groups

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